Our Services


Harvest Moon Gardens offers unique landscape design and installations utilizing a combination of native and hybrid plants mostly grown locally, many on our own property. We supplement these with species we have carefully tested to be cold hardy and drought tolerant. While our region of Appalachia formerly qualified as a temperate rain forest, current climate changes make it necessary to chose species that can tolerate drier, warmer conditions.

Every design we offer is unique to our clients’ needs, space, and style. Typically, the design phase lasts from two to four weeks. We ask customers to complete a simple survey so that we can determine the style and types of plants and infrastructure desired. After this period is complete, we will present clients with a pencil sketch before moving ahead.

A distinctive feature we offer is a hand-painted watercolor image of your design by owner Marsha Crites, which replaces traditional commercial blueprints. This is both a pleasing visual aid for homeowners and business clients, as well as an excellent tool for developers and other large scale builders. The watercolor image is done following approval of the first sketch and included with a bid for completing the work. Many of our clients prefer to complete work in two or more stages.


The design phase typically costs between $500 and $1000 and includes up to three visits to the property. The actual landscape installations range from $700 to $20,000, based on the scope of the project. These rates are for local landscaping work—within fifty miles of Sylva, NC. Please contact us about projects needed at a greater distance. Work scheduled or planned within the first three months of the year or in August will enjoy our lowest pricing.
Harvest Moon Gardens specializes in:
  • Beautiful native stone work
  • Native and hardy mountain plants
  • Slope plantings
  • Rock and sculpture gardens
  • Japanese gardens
  • Sign plantings for businesses and real estate development entrances
  • Sustainable, drought tolerant gardens
  • Hardy perennial flower and herb beds
  • Handicapped accessible gardens

Maintenance Packages

Our preference is to install landscaping that focuses on native plant species and requires minimal maintenance. We typically create planting beds surrounding a small green lawn space (though many people prefer no mowing at all).  But no landscape is without some seasonal maintenance, including pruning, fertilizing, and replacing unhealthy plants.

Once you have made the investment of installing your custom landscape, our happiest clients are those who turn maintenance tasks over to our team on a regular basis.

With the climate shifting and rainfall unpredictable, we feel it best to install a very simple irrigation system that will keep owners from worrying about when and how to water.

Maintenance can be done on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly schedule and pricing will depend up how large an area is covered. Choose from one of these convenient plans to keep your property looking great all year.

Four Seasons Plan
This schedule of work allows us to focus four times a year on the essential landscape chores of right-time pruning, yearly re-mulching of beds, fertilizing, and the weed control methods preferred by our customers. Price ranges between $800 and $1,300 per year, depending upon the property size and extent of plantings.
Monthly Check-Up Plan
This plan gives your property a little more attention and allows us to spread the maintenance chores over a longer time period. Pricing ranges between $1200 and $2400 a year depending upon the size of property and extent of plantings.
Special Occasion Plan
When a special occasion arises or holiday visitors are expected we can spruce up your property to show your home or business in the best light. This plan requires calling us at least a month in advance for the best rates and to help us serve you in the most timely manner. Pricing ranges between $500 and $1000, depending upon what you’d like us to focus on.

What People Are Saying

We just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful landscaping job! Everything is fabulous, and I am completely happy with all the results. I will be sure to recommend you to all of my friends.

So nice doing business with you again. You take such pride and always go the extra mile. I really appreciate it.

Thank you not just for a beautiful landscaping job, but also for your timeliness, your diligence, and your integrity. I wish other service people could be half as cooperative and prompt as you and your crew.