Most of our landscape projects are located in the mountains of the Southern Appalachians, and we strive to create designs that not only feature native plants, but also blend with the overall feel and culture of this rural area.

While our plans are designed to minimize maintenance, there is no such thing as a completely maintenance free landscape. We use stonework to create an infrastructure, and we are occasionally asked to create waterfalls or other water features.

Our preferred design canvas is new construction. A clean slate allows us to create without the challenge of working around existing and often overgrown plantings. But we also enjoy enhancing and updating older landscapes. Our Before and After gallery contains images of both new construction projects and existing homes and plantings.

Designing a Japanese garden or landscape is one of my personal favorite projects. I cherish the order and serenity such gardens offer, and the fact that our plant materials and land is very similar to that of parts of Japan enhances the creative options.

Feel free to CONTACT US for more information or a project quote. We’d be happy to assist you in creating a beautiful landscape for your home.

Before and After

Harvest Moon Gardens would like you to meet two of our long-time team players Todd Trivette and Kevin Weaver. While at times we call in other helpers, these cheerful, skillful guys not only grow most of our plants from seed and cuttings, but also work as a smooth team to install, care for, and maintain the landscapes we create. Todd is also a master stone layer creating the infrastructure around which we build planting beds. Frequently our customers remark on how quietly and peacefully we work together, with never a harsh word spoken.
Todd Trivett Harvest Moon Gardens
Todd Trivett Harvest Moon Gardens