Meet Marsha

Marsha Crites — Owner, Designer

Where flowers bloom, so does hope.  —Lady Bird Johnson

I was quite young when Lady Bird Johnson began her work to beautify our roadsides with flowers, and screen junkyards from sight with shrubs. But my parents were long time cultivators and caregivers of plants and flowers. When mother died at age ninety, the honorary pall bearers were members of her thriving garden club. She taught me how to grow and arrange the flowers that filled our home. It was she who first introduced me to Japanese plants and how to arrange them. Ikebana is still an enjoyable challenge for me.

My mother-in-law, who was my neighbor for nearly thirty years, knew all the wildflower species on our mountain, including their names, folklore, and medicinal purposes. She was a gifted but humble artist who painted only wildflowers. My home and the homes of my children are blessed with her art work. From each of these three amazing women I learned and fell in love with gardening and landscaping.

Today, I enjoy working outside with a small crew in my landscape design business—Harvest Moon Gardens. Even after twenty-five years of experience in landscape design, my passion for creating peace and beauty with plants and flowers continues to grow.